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questions linger on. >> why? why did this have to happen? and what about that poor guy that was driving? just why? why was may beautiful girl stolen from me? >> reporter: becky johns. a soccer player. a skier. in school she was in the gifted and talented program. why she was born on valentine's day. her parents say she had a way of making everyone smile. >> i lake to tell people, she never met a stranger. that she just, there may have been people she didn't like but she never treated them any different than she treated everyone else. and i'm really proud of that. >> reporter: flowers, balloons, messages of sympathy mark the place where it happen. this plis franconia road where becky and two other girls on their bicycles tried cross that
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day. two girls made it. becky didn't. she was struck and killed by a mercury car. the car driven by an 80-year-old man. >> it was pretty traumatic to pull up and see our vibrant little girl in the condition she was. >> reporter: and for her father to see that. >> the most helpless feeling i've ever had. >> reporter: for the first time since that horrible know, becky's parents are talking publicly. to the driver of the car that killed their daughter, they say this. >> it's okay. there is nothing we can do. just keep going. >> he is in our thoughts and prayers, too. i know he has to be feeling some kind of pain from this, too.
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>> reporter: even though she was just 9, becky johns leaves a legacy of love. it is all about this button. it is all about her hugs. more about that coming up at 6:00. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. police have now charged a man with killing his ex-wife and then setting her apartment on fire. investigators believe thelma winn was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute yesterday in columbia, maryland. the suspect is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. he'll be taken into police custody after he is released. no one else was injured in the fire and the fire was contained in one unit. the search continue for the man who sexually assaulted a woman. it happened near la vista zprif franconia road. tracy wilkins has more at police comb the crime scene for clues. >> reporter: fairfax county police are going door to door
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warning neighbors and searching for clues after a 23-year-old woman was sexually assaulted at a bus stop. >> we do believe the attack was random. the woman standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus and apparently someone approach her from behind and began to assault her. >> reporter: it happened just before 4:30 this morning on franconia road. a major commuter route. a man jogging by found the woma and police were there within minutes. the bus stop stands at the edge of a quiet suburban neighborhood. >> it is very unusual for this area, for this neighborhood. we've been here for 40 years and never had a problem. >> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay and is recovering at fairfax and nova hospital. for people who live in this community, the hope is that the suspect is caught quickly. >> we have good police patrol through here and i just don't know what to do. >> reporter: in the meantime, police say be careful. >> this is an area where we get up early and we go to work early and we exercise early. just to take precautions no
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matter where you are throughout the county or the region. >> reporter: fairfax county police do have a description. they say he is described as a heavy set male between the ages of 25 and 40. he wore a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants at the time. anyone with information is asked to call fairfax county police. you can could not tack them through crime solvers. 1-866-tips. news4. police stay suspect ran from the scene after the attack. right now, a red flag warning is in effect for parts of the washington area. the conditions sparked several wildfires. this one is behind a home in district heights, maryland. firefighters say today's dry conditions have created the perk breeding ground for brush fires. residents are being asked to be extra careful. for more on the red flag warning, let's to go chief meteorologist doug kammerer. it is really dry. >> extremely dry. you've heard the term it's a dra heat. we saw a temperature today reach
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95 degrees. look outside right now. 94. the dew point is 33. the humidity, 12%. that's amazingly dry for our area. we do not see that very often around the washington, d.c. area. winds right now out of the west northwest. gusting today, upwards of 30 miles an hour and that is why. you can find the very dry conditions with the wind and we've had the red flag warning. you can see the areas in red. that is the area under that red flag warning for most of the washington, d.c. area including most of maryland, and also, many parts around the i-81 area as well toward the mountains. what will we be seeing? the frontal boundary moving through. the temperature will cool down. 91 in frederick, 93 in manassas and as that front cools to the south, the temperature will cool off in a big way. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, 61 degrees. many of you will wake up to temperatures in the 50s. my full forecast coming up in a
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bit. now to the firestorm in florida, a pastor who plans to bushes the koran on saturday that he is going through with his plans despite death threats and other opposition. he has written a book that is call islam of the devil. he said they will burn the koran on the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. the plan has sparked protests in afghanistan. general david petraeus warned, images of the burning books would be used the incite violence. in the same way that extremists use images from the abu ghraib prison in iraq. president obama went to cleveland to talk about tax. he chose to do in it cleveland, home of one of his biggest critics, boehner. the president proposed new tax breaks for small businesses. >> i don't think the american people want any more stimulus
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spending coming out of washington. this is neither a short term spending measure. >> let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else. we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. >> president obama said the republican tax cuts for millionaires helped leads to the problems we're now facing. dozens of food service workers are walking the picket line at george mason university. they claim the conditions they are working under are unsafe and they're asking for more protective equipment. they also alleged they've been retaliated against for unionizing. they released a statement in response to the protests, saying safety is a key priority and the sauft training with workers. they say they support the rights of employees to unionize. right now mayor fenty holds the 2-1 advantage in campaign cash order his challenger but vincent gray has raised enough
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cash to be competitive in the crucial get out the vote effort that is now underway. tom sherwood is here with more as we head into the home stretch of the rain. >> reporter: campaign cash is always important in the final days of a campaign. gray may not have as much money but he has enough. the rec center is only the latest to be in line for the mako. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: an aggressive city works program that mayor fenty hope will propel him to reelections in the primary tuesday. >> he is doing great. we're excited about the last six days. >> reporter: the d.c. council chairman leading in polls campaign at a senior citizen home at lunch time on connecticut avenue. >> doing everything we can to help people. >> reporter: fenty in two years has raised nearly $5 million compared to a million that gray
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has raised in the last two months. he has $800,000 on hand. twice the amount gray has for the final get out the vote efforts in last-minute ads. but gray has raised enough money to be competitive. >> we're helping with transportation for people who may need transportation. any number of people who have volunteered their own personal vehicles to say i want to pick up people. for those folks who have dilly getting to the polls, we'll when he said the transportation. >> reporter: he will wtop rodeo he has asked president obama to endorse him. fenty was an early backer of obama's. gray seemed to dismiss that effort. >> we've reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city. people who have been involve in the city every day. if the president would like the endorse me, i would be happy to receive that. >> reporter: it is not clear loan comment on the mayor's race itself. back to you.
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>> all right. thanks. still ahead, it is decision day after week of debate. officials decide whether to allow holiday displays at a county courthouse. a new report reveals what many of us know. how highways rate. and hidden dangers for student athletes. why injuries on the feel could have serious consequences in the days and weeks after the accident. diabetes testing? what else is new? you get the blood, hope it's enough, it's -- what's this? [ man ] new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, i'll try it, but -- [ beep ] wow. [ man ] yeah, that's the patented freestyle zipwik™ design. [ man #1 ] it's like it -- targets the blood. targets the blood. yeah, it draws it right in. the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of onetouch®. okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. [ man #2 ] sure. call or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? [ man #2 ] freestyle lite test strips. call or click today.
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a fast forward through headlines. the parents of a 9-year-old who died last week while riding her bike picked up their daughter's bike today from the police. they say they hole no ill will toward the 80-year-old drive who hit their daughter becky. she was trying to cross franconia road. fairfax county police are going door to door searching for clues after a man sexually assaulted a woman who was waiting at a bus stop early in the morning. it happened near la vista drive. the woman was hospitalized. the suspect is still on the loose. a florida pastor who plans to burn a copy of the koran on the anniversary of the september 11 attacks says he is going through with his plans despite
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death threats from around the world. the secretary of state hillary hillary clinton called the book burning plan disgraceful and she urged the media not to cover it. we have a beautiful day. we could use some rain but it is glorious out there. >> and there is even better weather to come and rain in the forecast. >> that's good. >> not bad. >> we need it. >> i'm the bearer of good news. it is going to be nice out there. let's show what you it has been like. let's take you to american university up the road a little bit. northwest d.c. taking a look at the new building. the school of international services building. this is, of course, a green building. lead certified. what does that mean? that means it is a very green building. 3,200 square feet of solar panels on the roof. numerous panels and they capture rain water to use as irrigation. the official opening of that building coming up in about two weeks on the 23rd of september.
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across our area, we're seeing nothing but sunshine across the region. that sunshine will continue all through the evening hours until the sun sets at about 7:38. 94 degrees. that's the current temperature. humidity, way down. extremely dry. 12% humidity. it feels like 88 out there. it is that dry heat that you hear about out toward air air. sterling at 91 degrees. charlottesville, 92 degrees. you can see this over the last 12 hours moving through region. that's why we've cleared out. behind it, northwesterly winds have help us to warm up but they will start to help us to cool down. look at this. 73 in pittsburgh, 76 in columbus, ohio, and that cooler air will continue to funnel into the region. this is what you can expect for tonight. a few clouds, especially to the south. still warm and rather breezy. winds west at 15 to 25 miles an hour. 79 to 85 degrees as you make
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your way out this evening. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, you'll see a great morning. it will be breezy and cool and maybe even a light jacket needed as you send the kids off to school. you move through the day tomorrow. mostly sunny, feeling much cooler. high temperature, 75 to 78 degrees. nearly 15 to 20 degrees cooler during the day tomorrow. it will be breezy. 76 on friday, 80 on saturday and on sunday. and again, a chance of rain coming up on sunday as well. right now i think it is a pretty good chance of rain. the best news is it will be out of here by the time the redskins play. children across the area are returning to school this week. with that come the return to the playing feel. >> with football and soccer starting the season, we look at kids and sports injuries. >> a timely subject. concussions have always been a risk when it come to playing
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these contact sports in the fall. too many kids are suffering from head injuries and not getting the medical help they need. >> i was going for a ground ball and so was another girl and the other team. i picked up the ground ball. she tripped and her head hit my head. >> reporter: 18-year-old chloe was playing lacrosse last spring when she collided with another player, hitting the back of her head instead of being taken out of the game, she continue to play. >> i didn't really think it could be serious. i had the ball so i wanted to keep playing. >> as she ran around the field, she said he go seem to be in slow motion. she felt even worse later that night. >> i got home and aid really, really bad headache and i was still really dizzy. >> she was having difficulty in school. and this is a student at a very good school who is a very good student. getting a's and b's. and she was really struggling. she came to our clinic. >> reporter: chloe definitely
5:18 pm
went to see the doctor at the national rehabilitation hospital where she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. more commonly known as a concussion. he said it is an injury he commonly sees among young athletes. many of whom have no idea that it could have injured their brain. >> we've had some patient by the time they come to me for a more severe concussion which they do recognize, when we talk through it, they do recognize that they've probably already had a few concussions in the past. >> reporter: that's because mild concussions often have subtle symptom like headaches, dizziness and problems with thinking and memory. it go undiagnose asked athletes return to play. he said that can lead to a dangerous situation. >> if you have a second concussion before you completely healed from the first concussion, there is risk of much more severe injury. and in some cases, although they're rare, even death. concerns are fueling new
5:19 pm
initiatives to get injuries diagnosed more quickly. especially among teenage here's don't always want to admit they're hurt. some states including virginia have recently enacted legislation that requires high school athletes to take baseline cognitive tests at the beginning of the sports season. that way if they get a head injury on the field, a second test can be given to quickly compare results. chloe said she continued to have headache for weeks after her injury. when she finally went back out on the field nearly four months later, she said she could if i will feel the effects. >> when i came back, i was a lot slower and less coordinatedism used to worry about being reinjured. after a while, it kind of went away. >> the number one treatment for a concussion really just involves a lot of rest. that mean protest the athletics and rest from school. even going back to class too soon after a head injury can cause a delay in healing. there is a lot we still don't know about head injuries.
5:20 pm
one thing we zong concussion symptoms are not to be taken lightly. >> it's scary. >> like we were saying, you only have one head. you need it for a long time. >> thanks. still to come, it is rule that is hard for some parents to digest. a business owner bans screaming children from her restaurant. we'll tell you where. more fallout from political fliers. lost and found. wait until we tell you where this dog turns up seven years after wand you could switch for great gas mileage
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or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at
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a louisiana politician launches a campaign against baggy pants. scientists identify dance moves that attract women, and a lost dog is found seven years after disappearing. hundreds of mile away from home. all stories that make you say, what? there is a move to ban baggy pants in baton rouge, louisiana. a city councilwoman is starting a campaign. she said people who support baggy drawers don't understand that it hurts their chances of getting a be jo.
5:24 pm
scientists in the u.k. say they have identify dance moves that supposedly make men attracted to women. good dancing is a sign of good health and reproductive potential. during the study, a group of women watched men do their dancing. they rated them on a scale of 1-7. researchers say women associate strong moves and fancy footwork with fitness, health and skillfulness. a dog named jake is back home with his owners in michigan after being lost for nearly a decade. of a seven years, the dog amazingly turned up in a kennel in kentucky. no one knows just how jake got there. but a make row chip led him straight to his owners. their dog, they say somehow escaped from the backyard when he was just six months old. the owners are now heading to kentucky to pick him up and they say they can't be more excited about the long overdue reunion. it's a sign of the holiday
5:25 pm
season. do those decorations belong at a county courthouse? after week of wrangling, local officials weigh in. and a new proposal to tax alcohol. how many millions could it bring into the state? tracking a new trend. people in the district can dine on lobster !%
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a fast forward through headlines. president obama went to cleveland, vowing to let income
5:28 pm
taxes rise on the wealthiest americans when president obama's tax cuts expire at the end of the year. he proposed new tax breaks for businesses. critics say raising tax will hurt small business owners. six days to go in the d.c. race for mayor. zbra staying competitive with cash. gray said he has raised enough to get his voters to the polls. police have charged damon white with killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fire. investigators believe thelma winn was stab to death in a domestic dispute. the suspect has been temporarily staying with his ex. let's fast forward to the weather. >> i think you're going to like forwarding to the day tomorrow and into the day on friday as well. expect some fall-like temperature out there. but anything like fall today, 94 degrees outside right now. the human has not been a factor. only 12% to the heat index. it feels lower. that's some good news. the temperature out there, 91 in
5:29 pm
frederick. hagerstown, dover, 91. lenard town around 91 degrees toward the chesapeake. what are we seeing across the region? that will usher in high pressure and cooler temperature over the next couple days. when i say cooler, i mean cooler by a long shot. how about this? 61 around 6:00. by 10:00, a high tomorrow, 77 to 88 degrees and dropping off into the 50s for everybody tomorrow night. after months of debate, the vote is in. supervisors have held a policy allowing religious displays on the grounds of loudoun county courthouse. this wait a minute a controversy last november. many said it was an assault on christmas and hanukkah. others said it was an issue of church and state.
5:30 pm
a calm resolution to a heated debate. by an 8-1 vote, the loudoun county supervisors will continue a policy that allowed holiday displays around the historic courthouse. many local leaders elated. >> i'm jewish. i know it is not a christian issue. it is an issue of access. of all religious groups. all groups. they can put their symbols on the courthouse lawn. the controversy started in november when a citizens committee banned unattended displays due to overwhelming requests for the courthouse grounds. the lone dissenting vote wanted the ban upheld. >> we have war memorial and i think throws the appropriate type of monuments to remain on public land. they gave their lives to frequent rights enforced in that building. beyond, that we don't need the flying spaghetti monster and i'm not making one up either. we don't need any of that foolishness. >> reporter: around the courthouse, reaction was mix. >> a very difficult issue. it invokes so much of the
5:31 pm
passion, both sides. and we have a lot of that today. >> i think it is a good thing to lift as it is. i've enjoyed it over the years and i think it is a good thing to leave it as it is. >> reporter: for ten months, emotions ran high over the core house display. some calling it the war against christmas. the county chairman hopes this vote will put the uproar to rest. >> you can't ever say never that the discussion won't come up. for now for this board it's done. >> reporter: six groups have signed up for the religious and secular displays at the court hour, including an atheist organization and a group promoting the movie star wars. in leesburg, jane watrel, news4. today virginia cover bob mcdonald unveil a plan to privatize the state's liquor stores. he plans to propose a 2.5% tax to bars and restaurants. the proposal also triples the number establishments that sell liquor in the state to 1,000.
5:32 pm
licenses would go to the highest bidders. mcdonald's says the plan would give the state $258 million to deto transportation. licenses could be in a year. a new report ranks roadways across the washington region as some of the worst roadways in the country. a public policy research organization call the reason foundation put out the rankings for road performance on state control roads. maryland ranked 43rd while virginia was ranked 14. both states have fallen in ranks since the previous report. maryland fares even worse. 48 when the urban highways are compared with other states. d.c., however, is not ranked in this report. in decision 2010, an investigation is underway. into voter fraud in prince george's county. a sketchy sample ballot was mailed to many voters and it is being questioned.
5:33 pm
today maryland state attorney so that spoke out about this. >> reporter: this is the scene that greets early voters at the oxon hill library. a sea of signs, volunteers and some candidates. this sample ballot being distributed over the weekend has now been declared illegal. >> please vote. >> reporter: there are so many signs, slogans and campaign handouts that voters can be overwhelmed. the 26th district team distributing a ballot with its slate of candidates discovered last week, a strikingly similar one. that ballot was declared illegal yesterday. and a temporary restraining order was issued by a judge pro, prohibiting it from dristributig it to anyone. >> we were able to take away
5:34 pm
these ballots so they could not be handed out. even at the library or other early voting places, as well as any of those 26 precincts on election day. >> reporter: candidate angela brooks says the illegal ballot fraudulently misled voters. >> this is a ballot that was mailed in the 26th district and it actually represents that i'm running for both state's attorney and for the court. it furthermore has on it an authority line that is fictitious. it contains a fictitious treasurer. >> reporter: most voters we asked are glad the ballot mix-up has been cleared up. >> a lot of people rely on the ball ballot. for those people they could definitely get steered in the wrong direction. >> i am not as politically aware as i should be. and this completely and totally confused me. >> reporter: jerry mathis, a candidate for county council, said he distribute the ballot working with a group call citizens for change. with charlie summers listed as
5:35 pm
treasurer to make a point. that there is no official ballot. and that senators can charge other candidates tens of thousands of dollars to be included on their slate on sample ballots. >> your ballot was illegal, correct? >> no. it is not illegal based on the ballot itself. the judge that it is illegal because it was not registered. >> were you registered? >> no. we would not require, according to the law as we interpret it. >> reporter: jerry mathis says the ballot is no longer being distributed because he said it is a distraction to voters. but the attorney general said it more than a distract. it is fraudulent. and it is now been declared illegal. that's the latest from prince george's county. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, chris. now coping with sleep bugs. they are preparing for their annual home invasion looking for a nice cozy place to spend the winter. the loudoun county extension
5:36 pm
office says one way to keep them out is to seal cracks around windows, sliding -- siding in doors. if the stink bug are already in your house, experts say vacuums are the best way to corral them. if it is widespread, call an exterminator. just remember, don't smash or injury them unless you want to learn how the insects got that name. they do smell. a new rule inside one restaurant. it is outraging some parents. kids are being banned from stepping through doors. plus, a happy ending for watson. the special needs dog has a new home. you're watching news4 at 5:00.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed.
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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some teenagers have been in temporary foster care for years. they've never had a sense of belonging to a family. tonight's wednesday's child is a 14-year-old hoping an adoptive family will come forward and will make her their own. barbara harrison has her story. >> reporter: hi. so glad to see you. what a beautiful smile you have. >> thank you. >> reporter: i've really been
5:40 pm
looking forward to meeting you. you like to dance is that correct right? her interest in dance led us here to star's dance studio in maryland where we were greeted by director. >> welcome. >> reporter: she said she would like to take a hip hop dance class. >> so how long have you been loving the art of hip hop? >> a long time. since i was a little girl. >> that's great. i'm here to introduce to you miss dawn, your instructor for the day. >> great to meet you. >> reporter: she said she has loved to dance since she was a little girl. since she was a little girl, she's been moving from one home to another in the foster care system. >> she came to the attention of child and family services agency may of 1999. she has been with us since she was 3 years old. she's now 14. that's about 11 years. >> reporter: for most of those 11 years, she's dreamed of dancing and dream of one day having a family that would love her. >> i've been waiting for a
5:41 pm
family all my life. >> reporter: what do you think you want to be when you grow up? >> i was thinking about being a singer or a dancer. an actor or a rapper. >> reporter: do you want to go to college? >> sure. i want to get my education. i want to do like a good job doing my homework. >> reporter: she wants to belong to a family. >> i'm looking for a family who is very committed. someone who will not give up on her. >> i would like a family that loves me and cares for me a lot and will keep me safe. the thing i sxa the thing i do. >> reporter: at the end of the class, she was presented with some surprises. >> i would like the present with you some of our gear here. we would like to invite you back for an entire year's worth of hip hop lessons. >> reporter: one day she hopes she'll dance for parents who will love her.
5:42 pm
>> so if you have room in your home for la shonn or any have our wednesday's children, call our adoption hotline. >> let's hope she gets a home. >> she's a beauty. let's look at what's ahead. coming up, a baby girl died at home in prince george's county and now the police have reason to believe there is something suspicious about that child's death. we'll tell you about that. british petroleum has revealed 18 failures that led to the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. and weather extremes all over this country are causing trouble for people. we'll show you how some communicate are fighting flames. others are dealing with floods. >> a ruff year for a lot of folks. >> for everybody. the weather has been really wild this year. even here. huge snow and then tropical temperatures for so long.
5:43 pm
it has been an interesting year. >> god is pissed. >> all righty. a taste of maine on wheels. all you need is a computer. >> we've got details on the new traveling lobster truck. and more on more with clinton importantis who said he has a lot
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you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at breaking news, it appears the dry weather is taking its toll. we have live pictures of a brush
5:46 pm
fire burning right now in maryland. near some market amtrak tracks. we understand the brush fires have caused delays on the tracks this afternoon. marc service and amtrak service delayed because of it. live pictures. we'll have more on that fire as we get it. >> fifth street, i believe, the producers just will us. we do need rain. doug? douglas? >> dougie is what my parents would call when that happened. the good news is sunday is a chance of rain. but out there, extremely hot. temperature in the mid 90s. you have humidity down to about 12% and winds blowing between 15 and 25 miles an hour. that's why we have seen the brush fires out there today. the good news, we've seen some
5:47 pm
areas cooling down 40 degrees tonight. 52 to 61 as you wake up tomorrow morning. the temperature staying below average. around 76 on your friday. and there is that chance of rain coming up on sunday. >> thanks, dougie. a new d.c. lunch time trend i am a at lobster lovers. >> you don't need a reservation. you do need internet access. >> number 77! >> move over, maryland crab. the streets of washington are being overrun with lobster love. hundreds of people are lining up for a taste of maine on wheels. >> you never know where they'll be. >> the lobster truck first role into the district this summer and stomachs haven't stopped growling since. >> the description of the succulent lobster and shrimp roll is so enticing. >> it is a novelty to be able to get lobster down for lunch. >> it is like lobster crack.
5:48 pm
you can't get enough of it. >> like so many others here, skip west tracks the truck's whereabouts on twitter and facebook away from what is being hailed as a slice of heaven, can be as long as two hours. >> growling, about to pass out. i need some water. i keep thinking, i'm almost there. i'm almost there. i'm ready for it. >> we've got connecticut rolls. >> rob gin one have to brains behind this traveling truck. her husband's family started in it new york about two years ago. its success had her asking, why should washingtonians police out? >> huge chunks of lobster meat that we very delicately mux in with the lemon based mayo. we have a connecticut roll, our lobster meat that we generally sought 98 butter. >> that buttery goodness doesn't come for free. lobster roll are $15 a piece, shrimp rolls, $8. while you're contemplating whether the surprise worth it,
5:49 pm
you'll get schooled. >> we're teaching but lobster. we have some great lobster music at the front of the track. and i'm just giving out hugs to people which they seem to love. just trying to spread some positive energy in the d.c. area. >> and all that work seem to be paying off. >> i have no idea why it is like a flash mob of people. i guess because there is no other option for lobster like this in d.c. that i know of. it is sort of alluring, like it a food card, a food truck. >> news4. >> $15 a sapped witch, 100 people. do the math. posted daily on twitter and the prices you heard range from $8 to $18 for lunch. boy, that looked good. >> they must be good. >> people are lining up around the block. >> lobster music and hugs for
5:50 pm
that $18. >> the music. >> it just gets better and better. >> so do sports. >> always gettinger and better. they say dougie and danno. very sportsy. the redskins and the cowboys coming up. and a lot new. new coach, new quarterback, new defensive scheme. but in order for this team to be successful, it needs an old standby to be rejuvenated. clinton portis credits the coach for some but not all of his attitude change this season. here's clinton portis in his own words. >> i can say that i got involved in that. just doing some self-checking. i realized at the end of last year, you don't want stuff to enthat way. so caught up in thinking that
5:51 pm
the organization had something back on me. it was some people who could have stepped to the forefront and told the truth about what was going on. i said and realizing, it was a business. a business. you always got to be, it is always what have you done for me lately and lately a short span. for the six years that i've been here, besides the two years i was hurt, you look at the productivity. you look at the organization. and the four-year span, i gave everything i had. just a bitter ending. last year, it looked like everything went the way, name calling, this and that. i feel like i would be a part of the organization. >> you wanted to be somewhere
5:52 pm
else, right? >> it wasn't that i wanted to. i was just preparing myself for the worst. when it was a time that through that, i really did. i felt like i was done and i felt like everyone had given up. having that whole off-season, seeing them come in, interviewing brian westbrook. it was fine. so many people to come in for the competition. those people wouldn't come here if they didn't feel like the job was up for the taking. i think coming to that realization, that people would come here as if i was, my thought process was, what would make that knowing that i'm here? i don't care what the front office will me. it was really me finding a way to get back to myself. doing the thing that i needed to do to be on top of my game.
5:53 pm
and knowing that i was going to be able to compete. it would be an open competition. i had the opportunity like they had. it was more of me saying, i'm going from square one. i'm going to come in and do everything i can. so people, i still got it. >> folks, in case you were wondering, clinton portis is very motivated this season and he didn't need mike shanahan saying that. you draft players, you make your own team. clinton port zlis rank in the one fantasy draft the 34th best running back in the nfl. he was shocked. >> fewer team than that. so some teams had two better running backs than him. he said man, i got some work to do. >> yikes.
5:54 pm
coming up next, we've all seen crying dads restaurant. but now one ea
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
last week we brought you a story about a special dog named watson.
5:57 pm
landeer had a special bond with the collie but she couldn't take it home because she had several dogs of her own. she hoped someone would adopt watson and yesterday someone did. he is sweet! >> a cutie pie. screaming kids, not so cute apparently at a north carolina restaurant. it is stirring up controversy with a couple signs reading screaming children will not be tolerated. >> matt has the story. >> reporter: a new i'm on the menu at old salty restaurant on carolina beach and it may be hard for some parents to digest. no screaming children. >> if they're screaming, we suggest they go to another restaurant. >> reporter: brenda is tired of hearing her customers complain about screaming kids while they're trying to dine. she put up these signs inside and out. >> it has brought us in more customer than it has ever kept away. >> reporter: gary gibson is a
5:58 pm
first time customer. >> having grandchildren, going into restaurants with them, not very enjoyable when you hear a bunch of kids screaming. it is nice to see a sign like that. >> reporter: but these parents from west virginia don't think the signs are so nice. >> i've never seen a restaurant say don't bring your screaming kids in here. you cannot help if your kid screams. >> reporter: but arms certainly thinks you can. that's why she confronted them during the interview with them. >> it is not fair that i ask you if you're at my table. >> i would not even come in a restaurant. >> i understand. >> reporter: it was then the baby started to cry. the question was whether that would be tolerated in the restaurant. >> i mean, he cries like that. other kids cry. >> that's a crying baby. that's a screaming child. >> reporter: regardless, they ask if your child is screaming,
5:59 pm
you take them outside. >> we're not saying your child can't have fun. we're not saying your child can't be in here. >> reporter: still the policy from arm has some parents up in arm over their next meal. >> screaming children are absolutely allowed at the lobster truck. there you go. that's it for news4 at 5:00. news4 at 6:00 starts now. a man sexually assaulted a woman is still on the loose. a report on what caused a deadly explosion that led to the worst oil disaster in u.s. history. >> a new poll shows the candidate with the clear lead in d.c.'s race for mayor. we begin with a defiant pastor defending his plan to burn the koran on september 11. good evening. i'm jim beck. >> and i'm

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